Describing an Egg to an Alien: and why delivering marketing training is a joy
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Busting myths, meeting passionate business people and listening to delegates describing the finer points of an egg to an alien, are just three reasons why delivering marketing training for Genix is a joy.

Genix is a not-for-profit organisation which delivers cost-effective, training, networking events and business advice in the eastern region to help businesses grow.

The delegates at our marketing training course are often a wonderfully eclectic mix.  There may be a person who specialises in converting Rolls Royce vehicles into rally cars for billionaires, a small hotel owner looking to promote their services to local people, or someone thinking of developing a specialist osteopathy service for company employees.

I kick-off the course with some marketing myth-busting.  Marketing shouldn’t be complicated.  It should be simple.  It is about establishing why your product or service is unique, using simple ways of describing it, identifying who your customers are and the most effective ways of reaching them.

We then work together to apply this formula to delegate’s businesses and cover a range of marketing activities, from PR to social media; developing marketing leaflets, to attending exhibitions; examining the most effective channels they should research to reach their customers.

But, it is often the practical exercises in the workshops which are the most challenging, informative and fun.  I designed one exercise to help delegates think in clear, simple terms about how they would describe the uniqueness of their own service or product.

“So”, I asked a group holding an egg aloft.   “You have five minutes to think about this. How would you describe the unique selling points of an egg, to an alien who had never seen one before?”   Five minutes later they’d cracked it with an elegant response:

 “An egg is a natural, inexpensive, protein-delivery system.

 It is moments like that, which just makes training for Genix, a joy, not a job.

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