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Creating cracking content can be a really effective way to increase sales and build loyalty amongst your customers.

Content marketing focuses on creating valuable, relevant and consistent information, to attract and retain your audiences.

Ultimately the aim is to engage clients or customers to solve their  issues.  But content marketing is not an overt product or service pitch, however, it certainly should include a call to action, to help drive sales.

Content can be delivered through developing your own blogs, inviting guests to blog or creating video, PR, online webinars, infographics, motion graphics or podcasts.  Developing great material will help to drive traffic to your website, because search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content.

So, here are our Top 10 Tips:

1. What are your objectives?  Be clear about what you want to achieve.  Is it nurturing new contacts, or selling to existing customers?  Raising your business profile, or launching a new product or service?  And, set some goals.

2.  Define and understand your audiences. What topics are your audiences interested in?  You could check out the searches people use to visit your website and start designing content around those topics. This should make it easier for them to find your business online and deliver the information they are seeking.

3. Communications channels.  Which channels do you need to reach your audiences?  Your website?  Social media?  YouTube? Traditional media?   Or, a mix of each?  You need to get your content out in channels which your audience reads.

4. Messages.  What are the key messages you need to get across? Develop them so they are simple, clear and engaging.

5. Link.   Provide links to credible sources which relate to your content.  This creates a richer experience for a reader or viewer.  For example, you may be blogging about a recent survey.   Link to it!   It’s frustrating for a reader who wants to read the survey in full, but can’t access it directly from your post.

6. Writing.  You may not be the greatest writer, but a professional writer can create content for you, which will engage and inspire your audiences.  Take a look at some business blogs for some inspiration.

7. Headlines.   Ensure that you have a headline that packs a punch.  You have a short time to make a big impression and lead the reader or viewer to the body of the content.

8. Images.  Even written content should feature a great image, as people love pictures, too.   Here’s one of our articles about images – with an eye-popping image!

9. Promoting content.  It’s not enough to simply create content to be featured on your website.  You need a strategy for promoting it, to maximise the number of people who will see it.  That may mean promoting it through your newsletter, an email to your contacts, posting a link on social media and creating opportunities for it to be featured on other websites, such as business organisations you know.

10. Evaluate it.  You need to evaluate your campaign.  Did it reach your objectives?  Did it kick your goals?  What do you need to do in the future to adjust and change your content and channels to improve?

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