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2 June 2019, by , in News, 2 comments

We’ve been working with a team of pioneering Cambridge developers to present their complex technology product.

CASE STUDY:  technology positioning

The Brief

A team of pioneering Cambridge technology specialists had a need to position and present their highly complex product to non-tech business leaders, in simple, compelling, jargon-free language.

Prelude is a test bed, more than 10 years in development, which simulates the behaviour of online networks when they are running slowly. This enables tech developers to make adjustments to their apps in simulated conditions, to ensure their users enjoy a seamless experience.


A brainstorming workshop was developed by Pathfinder East which identified key points to address in Prelude’s presentation.  This included describing:

  • What Prelude is
  • The problem it addresses
  • The target market and audiences
  • How Prelude can benefit business

We then developed the presentation which was tested across a focus group.  The response was overwhelmingly positive.  They clearly understood the Prelude technology, the problem it addresses and its benefits.

The client is now working to integrate the messages and presentation in their website, to describe this complex technology to a wide range of audiences.


“I recently worked with Emma, the Director of Pathfinder East, on this project.  It involved marketing positioning and presentation of a highly technical hardware and software platform.

She is a clear thinker, good communicator, thorough, reliable and very easy to work with.  Emma took the lead in early brainstorming with genuine ease.  She responded rapidly as we iterated many approaches to the project whilst simultaneously processing and incorporating feedback from potential users.

I hope I have the opportunity of working with Emma again in the future.”

Ian Saunter, Prelude Project


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About author:
Emma Finn is the Founder and Director of Pathfinder East. Read more here.

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