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August could be a great business opportunity for you.  The month, named after Augustus Caesar, the great Roman Emperor and strategist, is when the masses go on holiday and many companies just tick over.  However, this could be the time to take a razor-sharp look at the business and plan how to market and build the empire.

Business leaders can become so immersed in the day-to-day management of their company, that they don’t make time to look at strategy.  Seize August  as the time for bringing in someone with clear thinking and fresh ideas to shape the firm’s marketing strategy and keep ahead of the competition.

Appointing someone with knowledge and expertise who can take a look at the business and help bring a marketing strategy to life, could be a shrewd move. It is important work that takes focus, objectivity, perspective and clarity.  The boss, returning  to the office refreshed, has a draft to look over and finalise, which will provide a pathway for the future.

By doing the strategic thinking over the summer, the company is a big step ahead by September, when business kicks-off again.

For the company leader who is in the office over the summer, this is a really good time to bring in someone to take a look at the marketing of the business, working with them, or independently, to provide focus for the months and years ahead.

What did the Emperor Augustus do during the summer holidays?  Well, in the summer of 30 BC he defeated the power couple Antony and Cleopatra, annexed Egypt into the Roman Empire and brought it under his control.

Now that is keeping ahead of the competition.

So, give some thought to the ways in which your company can be strategic and productive, when so many others are having their down-time.

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