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We’ve been brainstorming.   Here are our top 10 tips for holding a fun and productive brainstorming session, to help drive forward your business.

1. The Brief. This sounds obvious, but you need to clearly identify what you want to achieve as a result of the brainstorm.  Set your objectives and stick to them.

2. Diversity matters. Bring together people with different ways of working, backgrounds and skill sets from across the organisation.  This will create a richer pool of ideas.

3. Environment matters. Holding a brainstorming session next to the printer at 5pm on a Friday is not going to cut it.   If you can, get yourselves into an out-of-office environment, or a fresh space and ensure you have fun!

4. Manage it.   You may be a great manager, but bringing someone in to facilitate the process, perhaps someone from outside your organisation, will bring objectivity and clarity.

5. Don’t judge. An environment needs to be created where ideas can flourish, however bonkers they might seem at the time.

6. Individuals. Encouraging individuals to think about the topic alone, before they come together as a group, will help them to prepare for the brainstorming session.

7. Group Brainstorm.  As the group starts to think collectively, they will start to drive the session.  This is fine for the initial development of ideas, but will need to be managed.

8. Extroverts v Introverts. Some love the limelight, others don’t, but it is essential that introverts have a platform, so their voices can be heard and that the extroverts are kept in check, when needs be.

9. Bonkers ideas. (See 5.) These are fine.  They demonstrate fluidity of thinking, creativity and should be encouraged, not supressed.

10. Culling ideas. Not all the ideas will work, so it is important to collectively eliminate the ideas, until you’ve found the one or two which will help you achieve your objectives (see 1.)


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