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What do your business messages say about your company? Have they lost their mojo?  Or did they never have them in the first place?

Often, people are so close to their own business, they struggle to describe their product or service in a coherent way.  Creating strong simple messages is important to communicate what you –  do effectively.

We bring to the table objectivity.  We work with clients to develop just the right words and messages for their audiences, which can be used across all their marketing and communications.  Here’s a quick example.

The Brief

The brief was to develop simple, clear and compelling messages for a start-up company, to describe their services.

The business helps companies manage risk and be compliant, with a myriad of services ranging from ICT security, to asset management.


  • Audiences: we established who their audiences are and what motivates them.  Their clients and potential clients are motivated by services which reduce costs, reduce risk, improve quality and enhance their business reputation.  This established the most valuable benefits to their customers, which need to be communicated
  • Current messages: we worked with our client to unpick the words that they currently use, to find out what it is that they really do, in jargon-free language
  • New messages: key, was to uncover the one phrase to describe what they do.  This phrase was ‘Improving business operations’ which neatly summarises everything they seek to achieve for their customers
  • Hierarchy:  we then created a ‘hierarchy’ of messages.  With ‘Improving business operations’ at the top we addressed what they do, the benefits to business, how they do it and the tools they use; creating an easy-to-understand overview of their services and benefits to audiences

The company is now working to integrate these new messages in their website and across all their marketing channels, creating a simple way to describe their services to a wide range of audiences.


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Emma Finn is the Founder and Director of Pathfinder East. Read more here.

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