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We’ve selected three FREE marketing tools to help you drive forward your business. There are elegant infographics, dynamic presentations and a great website service which sends you a video of a real, live person reviewing your site.


Let’s start.



90% of information we digest is visual.  Infographics help you present complex information in a simple, elegant way, using images.

Visme creates infographics and presentations using a range of templates which allows you to insert and edit objects. It has a large library of images and icons and the basic version is free of charge, although you do need to include the Visme logo.



No more death by powerpoint.  Prezi is a presentation tool which has been around for a while, but provides a really creative way of getting your messages across with software which combines motion, zoom and spatial relationships in a dynamic way.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but the results are fantastic.


Website Review

We love this.  Peek sends you a live video which enables you to see and hear a 5 minute video of  real person using your site or app.  It is great for fast, free feedback and for giving you an insight into a user’s thoughts.  Thanks to the legend, Elene Marsden from hangouts4business for the recommendation.


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