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We’ve been looking into the crystal ball and investigating new marketing trends to help deliver your marketing strategy.  The key theme  is engagement – engaging with your existing and future customers to drive forward business.


Growth of Content

Content, whether it’s an article, image or video, continues to be an essential driver of digital marketing.

A new trend is having a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of recipients and being able to target them more precisely.  This might mean creating specialised material for specific industries, or experts.

Now, prepared to be surprised.  Blogs are also getting longer – on average by 250 words.   Longer blogs generate significantly more leads than shorter articles.

But, it’s all about sharing and engagement so your content needs to be really interesting.  Our recent Business Briefing newsletter had an outstanding opening rate of 47%, against an industry average of 12.6%.  Read it here.


  • 2014 – average length of blog posts – 808 words
  • 2016 – average length of blog posts – 1,054 words
  • Long-form blog posts generate nine times more leads than short-form posts


Instagram’s Meteoric Rise 

Facebook’s had a tough year attracting bad publicity, so it’s just as well that they bought Instagram which has had a meteoric rise.

The image and video-based social media platform has more than 1 billion users.   Many of them are under the age of 35 and with simple phone access it is a really fast growing platform, with huge levels of engagement.  Instagram has also launched IGTV, a video app made primarily for accessing from smartphones.  Unlike Instagram, it allows users to upload videos in portrait mode of up to 10 minutes in length, or up to 60 minutes if you are verified.  This is known as vertical video, producing an image that is taller than it is wide and so easy to view from your phone.


  • More than 60% of Instagram users log in daily
  • Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook
  • There are 2 million advertisers on Instagram


Keep an Eye on AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing marketing tool.  It can help reveal consumers’ online patterns of behaviour, rapidly target potential leads and enhance data analysis.

So, for example, AI can help track a customer’s online journey to identify which marketing channels are driving revenue, what kinds of content help retain customers and at which stage are customers falling out of the funnel.

Take a look at our blog which de-mystifies AI in a simple, concise way, and explores how it could help drive your business growth.  Read it here.


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