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What does it take to get your attention?

Did you know that 82% of digital ads don’t get viewed?   Just because they’re there and can be seen, doesn’t mean that a user will view them. They need to compete for your attention.

Recently Ipsos MORI, the UK based market research company teamed up with Lumen, which produces eye-tracking technology, to reveal what grabs viewers’ attention.

So here are the four top tips for your digital messaging and advertising:

Visual. Not wordy:  you have literally just a few seconds to get your message across, as viewers often navigate away from an ad before the main point is made.  With less than four seconds to view, significantly more participants recognised ads which were designed to work without reading

Big bold branding: get your branding up front, as this has a positive impact on the viewer and makes them more inclined to purchase or take action.  Bold colours and a good sized and positioned logo all helps

Get to the point: most people don’t watch an ad continuously, so get strong simple messaging up front.  Banner ads are generally viewed for less time and less often, making a concise message crucial

Strong visual hierarchy: diagnose where your viewer will probably look and focusing your message there.  If your ad is designed to be read from top to bottom, the top half is more likely to gain attention

Read the full report here.

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