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  • Name: Marketing Strategy and Planning
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  • Author: Emma Finn
  • Client: confidential : Menta
  • Description:

CASE STUDY:  business review and marketing planning

The Brief

Our brief, delivered through Menta, the Suffolk Enterprise Agency, was to undertake a business review and advise on strategic marketing for a start-up company, Ocala Healthcare.  Ocala Healthcare supports care providers and families with reliable, caring, well trained staff.


We helped establish the company's:

  • vision
  • goals
  • brand values
  • customers
  • key words to describe their offer
  • unique selling point
  • marketing channels
  • marketing resources required

We also reviewed their website.

The company now has a strong, focused marketing strategy and plan and has recently won a business award for growth.


"Emma was great at helping us develop new ideas, plans and directions for the business.

She was very approachable and was brilliant at getting us to think strategically  about our business, which in other circumstances, we may not have done. I would totally recommend Pathfinder East for support for other businesses.  Thank you!"

Sam Cage, Director, Ocala Healthcare


CASE STUDY:  market research and strategy

The Brief

Our brief was to undertake extensive research and deliver a report to the clients' board, to help shape their strategy for business growth.  The organisation is considering diversifying into one of three new areas of business to increase income and deliver high quality services to their existing and future customers.


Market research including:

  • interviews with business-leaders, who have in-depth knowledge of each business area
  • interviews with  potential clients to assess how they had these services delivered, and which type of services they would value in the future
  • the design and delivery of a survey amongst the owners and managers of more than 600 businesses to assess the level of need for each service
  • assessing the methods and cost of creating and delivering each new area of business, the risks and potential income generated

A report for the client's board, which clearly set out the opportunities and challenges of diversifying into each of the three business areas, the costs and possible income which could be generated, to help inform their decision-making, to drive the organisation forward.


"We commissioned Pathfinder East to review business growth options for the organisation.  Not only did they fully understand and deliver our brief,  we found them to be approachable and professional at all times and a pleasure to work with."

Client: Confidential



"Having had a recent consultation with Pathfinder East I was extremely impressed with the wealth of experience, expertise and the fact that Emma is extremely knowledgeable.

During our meeting she came up with many ideas and solutions to suit our business and I was provided with valuable guidance and vision. I found Emma’s advice very useful and would highly recommend Pathfinder East's services to other businesses."

Julie Crampton, Business Development Manager, Watsons Property.

"I had a consultation with Pathfinder East to discuss the development of my company. Emma, the Director, walked me through each stage and came up with great ideas tailored to the needs of my business.  I now have a stronger picture of what starting up my business means and which issues to focus on.

Emma was prompt at responding, warm and encouraging and with her calm and relaxed way of communicating gave me confidence in moving forward.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking business advice."

Alina Ghidion


CASE STUDY: marketing planning training 

The Brief

Our brief was to create and deliver a programme of training seminars on behalf of our client, Menta, the Suffolk Enterprise Agency.  The seminars were aimed at start-up and established businesses who wanted to learn about free or low cost marketing activities and provide guidance on marketing planning.


The training seminars, called 'Kickstart marketing your business' were developed to deliver practical, jargon-free information, for those who like a hands-on approach to learning.

The seminars enabled delegates to:

  • clarify who their customers are and where to find them
  • find ways of identifying their businesses unique selling point, to differentiate them from their competitors
  • learn how to develop marketing messages to promote their company
  • understand a wide range of marketing techniques, tools and activities

The seminars also include tasks for groups of delegates to undertake, case studies and the key elements they need to consider when creating their marketing plan.


"The course was excellent.  I found it really useful to think about who our customers actually are and how to target them, as well as encourage our existing ones to spend more money with us.

I've identified our strengths and weaknesses.  I have the right words now to describe our values.  I can see clearly which social media platforms will work the best and how to develop those in the most effective way.  Website development is to be a key focus this year.   We have a clear action plan to work with now and that will be so helpful to channel our time/money/effort and I will certainly recommend it to others.”

Alison Scott, Race Team Administrator, Scott Automotive


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