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Well, did this photo pique your interest?

We’ll come onto the content of that image in a minute.  Meanwhile, the world we live in is changing fast, with images rapidly becoming one of the most important ways of communicating the messages of our brand, whether it be brand ‘me’ or the brand of our businesses.

You need to adapt to harness this growth and interest in images, to help drive forward your brand and business.   Ensure that the photos on your website, leaflets and on your social media sites are powerful, reflect your company and are tailored to your audiences.

We all need to inspire clients and customers with great imagery.  It’s not good enough now to get your wedding photographer mate to snap your new piece of engineering kit on his iPhone; or upload that  photo taken of you in 2014 onto you website –  even if, as you say so yourself,  you did look rather gorgeous then.

Now the image is everything.  Check out these facts:

10 billion emojis or electronic stickers are used every . . . single . . . day on messaging apps.  Why write what you feel, when you can image it?

Instagram, the photo sharing app, now has more than 1 billion active users.

National Geographic, specialists in iconic photography, was the first brand to hit 100 million followers on Instagram.  The stunning image featured at the top of this blog is by National Geographic photographer Randy Olsen.

It’s of Mohanis fishermen catching herons in the Indus River.  They sneak up on unsuspecting herons wearing heron headgear decoys, catch the live herons and either eat, sell or train them.  I mean, really. Who knew?

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok are social media platforms which have different audiences and different ways of interacting with the audiences, so don’t just rush off and open a new Instagram account to publish your corporate images.

LinkedIn caters much more for business to business interaction; Facebook is more friend-orientated, although a great way to promote consumer products and build a community around what you sell.  Twitter is fast and newsy, whereas Instagram has more creative, cool and inspiring  lifestyle content and TikTok, the short-form video sharing app, featuring genres like dance and comedy – is a big hit with the teens.

Choose your media platforms carefully to ensure that they’ll reach the right audience for you and tailor your content to suit the style of each.

And do review the images you’re using across your marketing materials including social media.

Decoy herons may not be a good reflection of your brand, but are an inspirational image for National Geographic.

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