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Have you visited a webinar recently?   Although things are getting  better as a result of digital marketing during  Covid-19, we’ve seen still seen some horrible, dry, dull, stuff.

But, webinars can be a great way to reach out to audiences, locally and globally.  So, here are our 7 top webinar tips to help you communicate your messages, build your brand and create a wonderful webinar.

  1. Plan.  Write down what you want to say and how you want to say it.  Don’t just wing-it, because, unless you’re highly skilled, you will unravel live . . . in front of . . . your entire . . . audience.
  2. Rehearse.  You are a minute away from going live when you realise that you can’t remember how to use the webinar software.  Two or three run-throughs,  at least, should help build your familiarity with your software, content and confidence.
  3. Video.  Get in front of the camera.  That is absolutely the way to engage your audience, even if you really, really don’t like appearing on screen.  Your audience wants to see you, so ensure you use the camera and maintain eye contact throughout.
  4. Scene Setting.  You must ensure that your environment helps to re-enforce you, your authority and message.   It may be you present with a backdrop of tech equipment, awards, books, or even a piece of modern art.  This will help frame your message.  Also, take a good look at where the light is coming from and ensure that your face is well lit.
  5. Engage.  Encourage your audience to feedback, ask questions and participate.  This will enrich the content and provide value to them.  It often takes time for audiences to formulate questions, so flag up the opportunity of posting questions at the beginning of your webinar and at key points throughout.
  6. Manage.  You may need to have questions managed, so bring on board a colleague who can feed the interesting questions to you, if there are a number of them.
  7. Post.  So, your wonderful webinar is now over.  But, that is not the end.  The content may be really useful for viewers months, or even years down the line, so post it on your website, video platform and  social media, to enable it to be accessed in the future.

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