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Despite all the attention and time spent on social media and other forms of digital marketing, word of mouth remains one of the most effective and trustworthy forms of learning about new brands and the products they sell.

To grow your business, you need to have this as part of your strategy, and the best part is that this does not need to come with major expense.

For example:

  • Create highly shareable content. Visual content such as infographics and videos are shared more often than other types of content. Take at look at what top marketing influencer Jeff Bullas has to say.  So, find the expertise to help you create content, as this kind of engagement can help you grow a following and recruit new customers, cost-effectively.
  • Use influencers. These are individuals who have managed to attract a group of loyal followers who will listen to and respond to their advice and recommendations. You can get influencers to promote your products in exchange for some free samples or a small fee. Of course, if you want to use major influencers, this can get expensive but micro-influencers, for example a local blogger, can produce great returns for much less.
  • Referral programmes. Get existing customers to support your marketing by offering them deals and discounts in exchange for referring a friend. In the beginning, your margins might dip as you have to give some stuff away, but this is a small price to pay for the uptick in business that comes from having current customers serve as ambassadors for your brand.


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